Daily Drawing Practice

I have gotten back to my practice of carrying around a sketchbook and drawing daily.  I took an online course Sketchbook Skool over the past several weeks to help myself get going again and to learn from artists known for their sketchbook journals. Each week we had a new instructor -Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene, Tommy Kane, Roz … More Daily Drawing Practice

Luminous Linocuts

I loved the process of making linocuts in my Printmaking and Public Art class last year,  but didn’t continue making linocuts because I didn’t have access to a press. Until now .  . . I’m taking  Luminous Linocuts with Katie Gilmartin at Chrysalis Studio in SF.  The class started this week and goes for 6 … More Luminous Linocuts

Is it art?

An interesting exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California invites the museum goer to think about the definition of art.  A couple definitions and some information is provided, but the participant ultimately must decide.  Using “yes” or “no ticket stubs participants can vote on three objects and determine if they are or are not works … More Is it art?

Visual Journal Basics – Black Ink/White Paper

Inspired by Danny Gregory’s video The Art of Breakfast…I got his book Creative License and started drawing in my sketchbook daily with just black ink on plain white (cheep paper so it’s not too precious to make mistakes on). Observing closely. Recording what I see (not what I think I see). Not going for perfection. … More Visual Journal Basics – Black Ink/White Paper

Everyday Objects

Last month I joined the Sketchbook Challenge, an online group that shares sketchbook pictures based on a monthly theme.  I thought the challenge would be a great way to get ideas and inspiration and try new techniques.  Also, since I tend to sketch just occasionally, the challenge seemed the perfect way to make sketching more … More Everyday Objects

Museum Drawing

Glenn Hirsch’s painting class met yesterday and spent a few hours drawing at the Legion of Honor Museum in SF.  I’ve done this a couple other times with Glenn and also with Pamela Lanza in UC Berkeley Extension art classes. Each time the experience has been exciting and rewarding. I went right away to the … More Museum Drawing