Daily Drawing Practice

My-Green-HillsI have gotten back to my practice of carrying around a sketchbook and drawing daily.  I took an online course Sketchbook Skool over the past several weeks to help myself get going again and to learn from artists known for their sketchbook journals.


Each week we had a new instructor -Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene, Tommy KaneRoz Stendahl, Prashant Miranda, and Jane Lafazio – video and written instruction, and a private facebook page to share our drawings and observations about drawing. 


I found the class inspiring and challenging.  Each instructor gave us different techniques and ideas to try.

Beach-DreamsOne new idea for me was to draw directly with pen in my sketchbook (no preliminary pencil drawing), no tearing out “bad” pages, no quitting when I make a mistake – but keep going forward and finding a way to “make it work”.

Waterford-owl Orchid-PlantThese sample pages were all done with ink pen and water color.  Some have additional colored pencil.  This seemed to be my favorite combination of portable drawing tools.


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