The World Needs More

In Pamela Lanza’s class Voice and Vision at the San Francisco Art Institute, we’ve been exploring ways to incorporate text into our work including using randomness and spontaneity in our processes.  One of our exercises was to clip random words and phrases from magazines, then turn them into poems that we could use in our … More The World Needs More

A Message about Plastic from the Turtle Swim Team

Continuing with “Printmaking and Street Art as Activist Tools” my next assignment was to create a linocut about the plastic problem and make it available online as a pdf.  The hawksbill turtles swim thousands of miles in their annual migration, so the idea of depicting them as olympic swimmers made sense to me.  After making a few … More A Message about Plastic from the Turtle Swim Team

Could You Possibly?

A fellow student Susan Richardson in the UC Berkeley Extension class “Printmaking and Street Art as Activist Tools” tackled the issue of global warming in her first project by asking “Could you Possibly”.  She created a series of linocuts printed on newspaper.  Each of the prints has the text “Could You Possibly” at the top and “Save Our … More Could You Possibly?