Quick Portraits

Portrait 2 & 3 Another quick in-class painting, this time with a limited palette of a complimentary pair of colors – blue and orange –  plus black and white.  Assignment was to keep it moving, making intuitive decisions and using lots of paint. Last week’s in-class portrait.  Limited palette again, mostly mixtures of yellow and … More Quick Portraits

Sense of Adventure

Twig Salad I started this quilt as part of a challenge by The Modern Quilt Guild to create a monochromatic quilt.  I played with various options and decided to also add one further challenge for myself: to see if the quilt could meet requirements for the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) Sense of Adventure traveling … More Sense of Adventure

Quick Portrait

Portrait 1 Our in-class assignment for the next few weeks is to create quick portraits of classmates during the class period.  Our teacher wants us to continue to paint loosely with lots of paint and make quick decisions.  We probably would want not paint this way ultimately, but Eva feels it is a valuable exercise … More Quick Portrait

Strawberry Danish

Intermediate painting class started mid-February and our first assignment was baked goods with our inspiration being Wayne Thiebaud, David Hockney, Edouard Manet, Tracey Miller, and others who paint them so lusciously.  Our assignment was to bring in a baked item and paint it as a single subject.  A major goal was to stay loose, using large brushes … More Strawberry Danish