Strawberry Danish

Intermediate painting class started mid-February

painting assignmentand our first assignment was baked goods with our inspiration being Wayne Thiebaud, David Hockney, Edouard Manet, Tracey Miller, and others who paint them so lusciously.  Our assignment was to bring in a baked item and paint it as a single subject.  A major goal was to stay loose, using large brushes and lots of paint.  I worked on the painting off and on for three weeks starting with washes of color and general shapes with large 3 inch brushes, then filling in detail with smaller brushes, none smaller than 1/2 inch. I started with a dark background and the pastry too small.  Everything was dark and gloomy as I didn’t allow the dark background to dry before adding the other colors.  I felt pretty dissatisfied with it and thought I could do better.

After letting it dry and waiting a few days, I started over by covering the entire painting with yellow.  I reworked the drawing but just kept it moving and not too much concern over perfectionism.  Just trying to achieve the main goal – loose, large brush, lots of paint.  Went back to class and the painting started coming together. This is not a subject I would have chosen, but I’m happy with the result.

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2 thoughts on “Strawberry Danish

  1. Hi Priscilla, The colors and composition are gorgeous. I love what you’ve done and can really appreciate it as I started a watercolor class yesterday and am learning a great deal about the power of observation.

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