Luminous Linocuts

I loved the process of making linocuts in my Printmaking and Public Art class last year,  but didn’t continue making linocuts because I didn’t have access to a press.

Until now .  . .

I’m taking  Luminous Linocuts with Katie Gilmartin at Chrysalis Studio in SF.  The class started this week and goes for 6 weeks.  There are 5 students in the class at varying levels of experience. I’m excited about how much I learned already in one day.  And exciting to learn how to work in a studio set up and dedicated to printmaking and have access to high quality tools and materials, including a selection of high quality paper for purchase without going to the art supply store.

For my first print, I chose a simple drawing from my sketchbook, so I could transfer the image to my linoleum , complete the carving, then run a couple prints through the press by the end of the evening.

Here’s the original drawing from my sketchbook.


My linoleum cut for printing.

Seed pod lino

And printed linocut.

Seed pod

Seed Pod
4″x 6″

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