More Linocuts

Since my previous post, I’ve had a couple more lessons at Chrysalis Studio in SF.  Refining my technique for cutting the linoleum and learning more ways to print including easy ways to use more than one color in a print.

Here’s my first print from the class:

Seed pod

Seed Pod 4″ x 6″

Here’s the same Seed Pod linocut, using a “double drop” technique where I first printed it in black, then red using a monoprinting plate over the print:

seed pod double drop

Seed Pod, Double Drop 4″ x 6″

Here the challenge was to create two linocuts of the same picture. Both are printed with black ink on white paper.  In the first linocut, the background was cut away and the rose hips design printed.  In the second linocut, the design was cut away and the background is printed.

Rose hips white

Rose Hips (black) 6″ x 6″

Rose hips black

Rose Hips (white) 6″x 6″

Rose hips double drop printed with red:

Rose hips Double Drop

Rose Hips, Double Drop 6″ x 6″

And the latest prints used a rainbow roll technique – here with a gradation of yellow green to darker green ink rolled onto the plate.

Turtle Green

Turtle 6″ x 4″

This turtle was first printed with black ink, followed by double drop using the gradation on the monoprinting plate.

Turtle Black_Green

Turtle, Double Drop 6″ x 4″

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