Sketchbook Watercolor – On Location

I’m taking Jane LaFazio’s online class Sketchbook & Watercolor: On Location.  This week we’re drawing and painting in the coffee shop.

I went to a local bakery coffee shop and got a beautiful apple tart and cappuccino. I sat at one of the outside tables and started with the cappuccino since I knew the foam would decrease in volume as I sat there. I felt self-conscious when I got out my materials and started to draw, but as I got into it, felt better. When I started painting, I was careful to leave lots of white paper and blotted some off where the browns got too dark. After completing the coffee cup and spoon I painted a  tablecloth background. By the time I finished, the coffee was cold, but I felt happy with my drawing.

I tackled the pastry next. When I chose it, I thought it seemed simple enough, but when I went to draw it, the overlapping apple slices seemed overwhelming. I didn’t get them exactly right, but the general idea is there. It seemed that with each step I would start off feeling nervous, then better as I went along.  The same thing happened when I started painting.  Not sure at first, then more confident.

I was near the door of the shop. People went in and out but I didn’t pay attention to them, and no one seemed to pay attention to what I was doing either. When I was almost done a little girl paused briefly and said, “hi”. I smiled and said, “hi”.

It was nice.

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Watercolor – On Location

  1. Very nice! Alyson Stanfield talks about creating your art in coffee shops as a way of ‘getting your work out there.’ If you keep doing this, more people are sure to notice.

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