Everyday Objects

Last month I joined the Sketchbook Challenge, an online group that shares sketchbook pictures based on a monthly theme.  I thought the challenge would be a great way to get ideas and inspiration and try new techniques.  Also, since I tend to sketch just occasionally, the challenge seemed the perfect way to make sketching more of my regular practice.

I didn’t actually start last month, but when the new theme of Everyday Objects was announced, I thought it was time to dive in.  One of things that attracted me to the challenge was that the definition of a sketchbook and sketching is pretty loose and includes any medium and the themes are open to interpretation.

Here are some pencil/ink drawings from this morning and yesterday.  I sketched some pictures of couple of my favorite mugs while drinking my morning coffee.  Of all the everyday objects that I see around me daily, these are some of my favorites.

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