Museum Drawing

Glenn Hirsch’s painting class met yesterday and spent a few hours drawing at the Legion of Honor Museum in SF.  I’ve done this a couple other times with Glenn and also with Pamela Lanza in UC Berkeley Extension art classes. Each time the experience has been exciting and rewarding.

I went right away to the current exhibition of Dutch and Flemish Masterworks The paintings are so rich in detail that it was difficult to decide what to draw.  I chose a1630 painting by Claes Moeyard, Esau Selling His Birthright to Jacob because of the composition and theatrical lighting.   A docent tour was underway, but by the time the came over to the area where I was sitting, I was settled into the drawing process enough so their presence didn’t bother me.

By the time I finished the drawing, the galleries were getting pretty crowded, so I decided to go upstairs t0 the permanent collection and find something else to draw.  I found this French painting from ~ 1620-1640 by Trophime Bigot aka The Candlelight Master -Le Jeune Chanteur (Young Boy Singing). This painting is dramatically lit from below with the figure mostly in darkness and the face and music manuscript glowing in the candlelight.

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