Cool Beach Collage

As a follow-up to the warm landscape collage, I decided to try for a cool beach scene. A few weeks ago I went on the Coastal Trail hike in San Francisco from Land’s End to Mile Rocks Beach.  As I turned the corner I saw that some previous beach walkers had created some cool rock … More Cool Beach Collage

Blue and Green Collage

Here’s another analogous collage, this time with blues and greens. My process was similar to the red ones I posted earlier today. Some painting, then some collaging, then some stepping back and adjusting. I used some of the painted papers I created in Jane Davies’ online class  Unlocking the Secrets of Color in the final stages.

Red Collages

Here are a couple more collages for the series of color studies I’m creating in Jane Davies’ online class Unlocking the Secrets of Color. The first is a monochromatic collage using variety of reds plus white and a little black.  I also mixed a dark, almost black color by adding a dark green to one of my … More Red Collages

Yellow Collage

After the relative ease of making the green collage, this one seemed more difficult. I’m creating a series of color studies in Jane Davies’ online class Unlocking the Secrets of Color. For this one, I started by creating a background with magazine clippings with some yellow paint. After I added more clippings, I felt the composition was … More Yellow Collage

Green Collage

  Green collage created from my stash of green magazine clippings and fabric scraps for Jane Davies’ online class Unlocking the Secrets of Color.  The assignment was to create a composition using only one color.

Collage Color Wheel

For this color wheel  I chose colors from magazine clippings from the stash I’m collecting for future collages.  I tried to select the pure colors achieved on color wheels mixed from primary colors and not toned down shades. I couldn’t resist including some that had images or texture in them to add interest and variety. … More Collage Color Wheel

Color studies

I painted three grids yesterday using various amounts of colors from around the color wheel. I like all three, but find the center one most visually pleasing.  This was from Jane Davies’ online class Unlocking the Secrets of Color.