Prism Play: A Full Spectrum of Art Quilts

BLUE was my choice for my contribution to the spectrum of quilts for the SAQA Northern California/Northern Nevada Prism Play call for entry. We started working on our quilts in June 2021. Members are now beginning to turn in their entries for the show juried by color expert Joen Wolfrom. In March 2022, we will learn which quilts are selected

Regional members have been creating 15″ x 45″ quilts for the display based on Joen Wolfrom’s color tool to representing the full spectrum of color from warm red through orange, yellow, and green to blue, and violet. Participants chose colors to with the goal of creating a spectrum of color which will be hung in 5-6 color spectrums, continuously around the gallery walls for a total of 60 – 72 quilts. The ultimate result will be an exhibition that vibrates with color.

I chose the pure blue card which meant I needed to select colors tints, tones, and shades of blue from the card. No pure white or pure black allowed!

I started by trying to dye my own blues, which proved very tricky. My fabrics usually turned out too purple or too green; not many actually matched the card.


So I went through fabric I already had on hand and did some shopping.

For my first panel, I raw-edge appliquéd a feather on top of a striped background made using the Intriguing Interleave quilting technique I learned last year from Mel Beach. I added additional quilting around the feather.

For the second panel, I drew a section of a mandala as if it were cropped into the 15″ x 45″ shape. The shapes were appliquéd onto a dark background and quilted.

For panel number three, I pieced together 5 and 10 inch blocks from a variety of blues, then played with the arrangement. I used minimal quilting in each section to echo and emphasize the shapes.

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