Encaustic Collage

Yesterday Lisa Fulmer coordinated a 5 hour Introduction to Encaustic Workshop with Patricia (Trish) Baldwin Seggebruch. Trish showed us the basics and some with alternative materials like Transfer Artist Paper (TAP), Lutradur, Pan Pastels, Piñata Inks, PearlEx, Wood Icing, and stencils. She even showed us how to create unusual effects with a blow torch and flaming wood glue. Then she set us loose playing with all the materials she and Lisa supplied.

I started by making a couple sample pieces. I combined techniques, layering collage papers and image transfer into the layers of colored wax and clear encaustic medium. In the sample on the right, I used a tiny cookie cutter and an awl to sgraffito (technical term for scratching or incising) into the surface of the wax then applied oil paint stick to the incised areas.

2 1/2″ x 5″

In the collage below, I started with a TAP transferred image of a lady over a collaged background and a layer of encaustic medium. I found that since the wax surface was uneven, the image only partially transferred to the wax. I added more collage elements and stenciled the fern and flowers using pan pastels.


For the bird collage, I started by stenciling over clear encaustic medium using the pan pastels and used TAP to transfer the words “daydreaming” (barely perceptible at the bottom of the finished collage). After another layer of medium, I added some sgraffito and oil paint stick, then finished by collaging the bird and adding more stencil shapes.

Daydreaming – Encaustic collage with stencil, paper bird 5″ x 5″

I continued combining techniques to make a few more collages.

Tour Eiffel – Encaustic collage over stencilled backgound. 5″ x 5″

Peony – Encaustic collage with stencil, 8″x 8″

Maze – Encaustic collage, paper, stencil, sgraffito 8″ x 8″

In this collage, I combined techniques, starting with some Piñata Ink and Wood Icing. After allowing it to dry, I added pan pastel, collage papers and finish with some glass beads and PearlEx.

5″ x 5″

6 thoughts on “Encaustic Collage

  1. These are divine Pricilla! I’ve been on the look-out for some wood icing. Your visual sense is remarkable. Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Spectacular — the wax really adds an intriguing element to your collages. I am especially drawn to “Maze,” but they are all great. (visiting from Jane’s Text and Image class.)

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