A quick little collage series

Our final project for Jane Davies Image and Text online workshop was to create a small series of collages using any or all of the techniques we learned.  I got behind the last week and finally created one quickly this morning.  I didn’t have time to collect new images or work on it with the care that this project really deserves.  I went through my pile of clippings including some Citrasolv altered images and some gel transparencies that I had left over from previous weeks.  I created my backgrounds and started layering and playing with the images and text that was immediately available.  I am pleased with the results.

Clockwise:  Trust it, Not Sad is Blue, Work it, Almost Got Away , No Little Piece (3″ x4″)

5 thoughts on “A quick little collage series

    1. Wow! That’s exciting news! I found your website after reading about the The Royal ARt Lodge in Modern Art History a couple months ago. My dear old high school English teacher, who always typed letters and notes on his old typewriter, would have loved seeing these prints.

  1. Hi Priscilla, It seems all roads lead to you today. I’ve seen your work at the Flickr Sketchbook group and love it. Then, today I was looking for ideas on using stencils in encaustic painting and lo and behold, your blog came up in my google search. These are beautiful collages!!

    1. Hi Debbie – enjoyed visiting your website today and love what you’ve been posting on Flickr. I do cross paths with a few of the people in the sketchbook group. We must all be on the same wavelength.

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