Four Color Wheels

I have a fair amount experience with color from quilting and from painting classes and understand color relationships on the color wheel, but never actually created one by mixing paint. Over the past week I created these mixing paint in Jane Davies’ online class Unlocking the Secrets of Color.

In the first three color wheels I mixed colors using different blues and reds along with a constant hansa yellow. I noted differences mainly in the greens and violets. In the fourth color wheel, I used colors straight from the tube for the primaries and secondary colors and mixed the tertiary colors. I’ll be saving these for future reference.

2 thoughts on “Four Color Wheels

  1. I’ve never done this and I’m intrigued. How are you enjoying the class-e-mail if you prefer. I’m interested in taking some design classes on-line.

  2. Hi Jenny – I’m still completing week one homework. I’ve been wanting to take a color theory class and decided to try an online class not specifically for quilters. I like that I can complete work at my own pace. No driving or parking. Class handouts and videos are good and Jane gives helpful comments. Acrylic paints used in this class are expensive if you aren’t going to use them for other projects.

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