Win this Quilt!!!

Here Comes the Sun!

I designed and pieced Here Comes the Sun especially for the EBHQ Voices in Cloth show. We’ll be selling tickets soon, and the drawing will be at the EBHQ Voices in Cloth quilt show in March 2022. Every 2 Years the East Bay Heritage Quilters guild holds its big Voices in Cloth quilt show. Plans are underway for the show in March 2022 at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA.

Here Comes the Sun

59″ x 79″

Designed and pieced by Priscilla Read

Quilted by: Melissa Quilter

Materials: Cotton fabric and batting

Artist Statement Priscilla Read: Traditional meets modern – That was my first thought for this quilt. I started my design process with Electric Quilt software to play with ideas, including a fresh color palette. As I paper pieced the blocks, I took photos and previewed the design using the Procreate ipad drawing app to virtually move blocks around so I could visualize the final results. This helped me strengthen the design so the alternate blocks offset the suns with alternating spiky diagonal lines and create a secondary pinwheel motif.

At each show, we have 2 opportunity quilts that attendees can buy tickets for the opportunity to win one of the quilts. Learn more here. The first opportunity to view both quilts and buy raffle tickets is at the Craneway Crafts Fair – Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27, 11am – 5pm at Pier 70, 555 20th St., San Francisco.

Beautiful quilting by Melissa Quilter

Artist Statement Melissa Quilter: I studied my collection of photos that I take every day, and other visual ephemera, to find patterns that would complement Priscilla’s striking quilt top.  My love of feathers pushed me to find a feather that would fit in the blue and white sections, and from there, other (mostly) curved patterns followed.

3 thoughts on “Win this Quilt!!!

  1. Your quilt is beautiful, thank for doing this for EBHQ. It should make a lot of money in raffle tickrts.


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