Collage Color Wheel

For this color wheel  I chose colors from magazine clippings from the stash I’m collecting for future collages.  I tried to select the pure colors achieved on color wheels mixed from primary colors and not toned down shades. I couldn’t resist including some that had images or texture in them to add interest and variety. … More Collage Color Wheel

Color studies

I painted three grids yesterday using various amounts of colors from around the color wheel. I like all three, but find the center one most visually pleasing.  This was from Jane Davies’ online class Unlocking the Secrets of Color.

Four Color Wheels

I have a fair amount experience with color from quilting and from painting classes and understand color relationships on the color wheel, but never actually created one by mixing paint. Over the past week I created these mixing paint in Jane Davies’ online class Unlocking the Secrets of Color. In the first three color wheels … More Four Color Wheels

Photoshop and Repeat

Lately I’ve been playing with Photoshop Elements and thinking about ways to use it to manipulate images for collage and quilting.  I took Intro to PSE from the Fabulous Pixeladies and learned how to repeat images on a single “canvas”. I decided to try this with the Newspaper Collage from my scrapbook (see yesterday’s post). … More Photoshop and Repeat