My Year of Quilting

I’ve been a quilter since 2000, but mostly focused on making the quilt tops, leaving the quilting as an afterthought or something I could hire experts to finish the work for me.  I decided to spend the year focusing on making the quilting an important part of my work.  I invested in a new Bernina 770 QE sewing machine so I would have more space for the quilting sandwich (top, batting, and backing).  I started small working on pieces no bigger than 12-18″ square, and gradually worked towards larger pieces. I made quilting the focus of my 12 x 12 challenge for 2018.

Daisy doodles

My bubble sampler ala Jenny K Lyon


Ruler work done in Inger’s class

And took classes from local quilt teachers Jenny K Lyon and Inger Blood.

Ruler work westalee
Rulerwork using Westalee templates
Leah day sampler
Free motion quilting using designs by Leah Day

I gradually increased the size of my quilts as I learned how to manage more complex designs and larger quilts.

Angela Walters
Angela Walters “dot-to-dot” quilting

Butterfly quilt

I will continue working towards making quilting a featured aspect of my work instead of something kept at a minimum or giving it to others to complete.

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