Continuing the Daily Drawing Practice

Earlier this year, I decided to dedicate time every day to drawing in a sketchbook.   I took a couple Sketchbook Skool online classes which gave me exposure to many ways of drawing in a sketchbook and establishing a daily practice. I posted some of my earlier drawings here.  In the most recent session, we had one week with teachers  Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene, Brenda Swenson, Cathy Johnson, Andrea Joseph, and Liz Steele.  I’m posting some of them here to show what I’ve been drawing.  One strategy that I’ve adopted is to draw objects that I  see daily around my house.  These drawings were all done with some type of pen with no preliminary pencil drawing and no erasing.  I follow a rule that I learned from Tommy Kane in the first session of Sketchbook Skool – Always finish the page no matter what… even if it seems to be filled with errors.  Find a way to make it work.

I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying with me, a sketchbook and small kit of drawing supplies in this Kipling bag, which I also drew.

Kipling-BagBut I also try to get in a sketch when I’m on the go as in the Wednesday Morning Coffee sketch done at Peets. Weds-Morning

Brooks-shoes Cactus California-CharmSchmincke-Owl Paul-Robeson-tomato

Ball-Jar croppedPolar-Watch croppedGinger-Brew Demitasse Kiwano Sunflowers measuring-spoons Sea-shells


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4 thoughts on “Continuing the Daily Drawing Practice

  1. You continue to inspire me with your commitment to learning about, and trying new forms of making art. It is inspiring to see your ongoing body of work. Giny

  2. Priscilla, your drawings are awesome! I see such progress from the earlier ones. I’m just a little afraid that you’ll give up the quilting world as you become such a “real” artist!!! Hope not though, ’cause you are my ROOMIE!


  3. Great job Priscilla! This is one of those things I’ve often thought about doing and then didn’t. Undoubtedly you grow as an artist from a daily practice. What good discipline you have!

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