More Monotypes

In Katie’s last monotype printing class for the year, I decided to continue experimenting with fabric to create texture and pattern in my monotype prints.  I brought in some pieced and stitched or quilted fabric sitting around in my studio.  My experiments started with inking up the plate with a few colors creating interesting shapes with the brayer, I placed the pieced fabric over the place, then put it through the press, so the texture of the fabric became imprinted into the ink on the plate.  I printed the resulting plate onto paper.  Here are a couple created using that technique:



I decided to see what would happen if I applied the ink directly to the fabtic, then printed it on paper.   Here are a couple with that technique.  In the second example I added a fern to the mix.



I continued playing with inked leaves and layers of stitched paper for the remainer of the evening. It just kept getting better and better.  Can’t wait to continue with this in 2014!

Monotype-Leaves Monotype-Ginkgo

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