Chrysalis Studio’s annual Open House & Group Show

Chrysalis Studio‘s annual Open House & Group Show SOMArts in SF last night was a huge success with at least 150-200 guests attending.  Exciting to see a variety of fresh-off-the-press fine art prints and see demonstrations of linocut and mono printing techniques by Chrysalis Studio printmakers.  Artists included: Greg Adams, Owen Christoph, Jan Currie, Katie Gilmartin, Abby Ginsberg, Gina di Grazia, Lucy Irwin, Brittany Jarabek, Sarah Jelley, Ruth Kalb, Mary Lipian, Jane Loeser, Ethel Mays, Emma O’Connell, Mindy Oppenheim, Kitty Quinn-Friel, Priscilla Read, Elli Sandis, Sherry Suisman, Norma Tannenbaum, Nathan Yergler, and Jade Zabrowski.

Here are the three linocut pieces I had in the show.  Each was printed of fabric. On the left is Apron, linocut of a female pelvis printed onto a white apron.  The middle piece, currently untitled, has the same pelvis printed with black ink onto 12 pieces of fabric, then overprinted with color, pieced together, then machine and hand quilted.  And the third piece, Reaching, has 12 prints of abstract organic shapes, reaching towards each other, machine quilted.



Pelvis Quilt

Pelvis Quilt

07-Read_11-2013smlDetail – Pelvis Quilt

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