Working in Circles

Continuing to work in a series, I decided to explore ways of printing on fabric using a simple shape, the circle, to evoke living forms.  I monoprinted several pieces of fabric with a few colors of acrylic paint using a Gelli Arts monoprinting plate. Each fabric piece was around 12″ x 20″. These fabrics will be cut apart and recombined in different ways, then worked into my series.

Circle Series Mono print

Circle Series Monoprint

But looking at it, I realized that each fabric had areas of interest that could be used in larger pieces. I photographed all the fabric and looked at it closely in photoshop, then cropped five sections that I would use as design inspiration for larger pieces.

Circle Series x5

I simplified the designs and traced them onto paper,


then enlarged them full sized onto large pieces of freezer paper for use as resists for screen printing onto fabric.

Here is the resulting fabric after dyeing.  Each panel is approx 20″ x 74″.  I have since added a couple layers of silk-screening with paint, but haven’t had a chance to photograph the fabric yet.

Dyed Panels

2 thoughts on “Working in Circles

  1. Really enjoyed seeing work…aesthetic is compelling, hard to describe…trying to find words…The photography and presentation is also interesting…

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