Working in a Series

For the past several weeks I’ve been in Pamela Lanza’s UC Berkeley Extension class, Working in Series.  Here’s the course description:

The process of working in series is an effective vehicle to unlock creative potential, capitalize on unexpected discoveries and uncover new forms of self-expression. Illustrated lectures introduce you to contemporary artists who work in series and to the ideas behind this approach. Course assignments inspire innovative thinking and encourage you to delve into your own serial explorations.


Class exercise – Twig Drawings

We’re finalizing our projects and will be presenting them in class next week for critique and feedback on each piece individually and how they work as part of the series.

For my series, I continued with ideas started in the Voice and Vision at the San Francisco Art Institute.  I expanded the work to consider need for care for the environment.  I made a series of art quilts to make a statement about the fragility and preciousness of the natural world around us and our need to protect it.

Rather than working on one piece at a time, all pieces were in progress over the past several weeks.  I’m putting finishing touches on most this week.  I’ll be photographing my pieces as they are completed and posting more about it. For now, here’s a small piece.


Gash, 12″ x 12″

5 thoughts on “Working in a Series

  1. This sounds like a very interesting class…Even though I used to feel like it wasn’t the “right” way to work, I have found it freeing to work on several pieces at once.

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