Mount Diablo Abstractions Completed

Last night was the final class for The Abstract in Nature where we presented our final projects for evaluation and critique.  It was great to see our finished paintings up on the wall.  The project is the culmination of several weeks of work with the goal of creating a multi-panel work showing the essence of a location of our choice.  I made a few trips up to Mount Diablo to get the feel of the place and to do some sketches with the goal of creating a group of abstract paintings that all go together.

I started with paintings of the lichen and tree roots with dirt eroded away.

Lichen 18″ x 18″

Tree Roots 18″x18″

I decided to add three more paintings including one of the rattlesnake I had seen while walking on the trail at Rock City.  For the rattlesnake I decided that I wanted a long narrow canvas.  I also thought I would try collaging and stitching the snake onto the canvas, then stretch it onto a frame that I would create myself.  I learned the technique for building my own stretcher bars in Larry Robinson’s beginning painting class, but never got around to trying it.  This seemed like a good opportunity.   All went well, but I only have a hand saw and miter box, so I’ll need better tools if I decide to make more.  Here’s a photo of the completed stretched canvas with the collaged/machine stitched snake with some white gesso:

And another with preliminary layer of paint:

Detail of the snake in progress:

Completed painting:

Rattlesnake 8″ x 37″

I completed two more paintings for the set,  one of the wind caves and another of cracks in a rock.

Caves 18″ x 18″                                                      Cracks 18″ x 18″

Here’s how they all looked hanging together in the classroom:

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