Collage inspirations

I created these collages in class last month at East Bay Heritage Quilter’s workshop with Judi Warren Bladen.

Judi’s class was based on her new book


The first collage was a quick exercise using copies of photographs provided by Judi.  We were asked to create a composition quickly to get warmed up before making collages out of our own photographs that we brought in.

Judi's English Countryside

I created this one from my photo of an old rusty car.

Old Car Parts

In this collage, I combined photos of kayaks and an old car grill.  This one seemed the most successful, so I decided to mock it up in fabric to make into an art quilt.

Collage Inspiration

Once we chose the collage we wanted to create in fabric, we created a pattern and had it enlarged at a photocopy shop.  The second day we auditioned fabric pinning it to the printed pattern.  Here’s mine is mocked up in fabric

Fabric mock-up

Here’s a link Lynn Koolish’s post on the C&T Pub Blog about the class.

Collage+Cloth Really Does=Quilt

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