Bacho Baby Quilt

Just completed this baby quilt to welcome a new baby in Bacho, Tanzania.

My quilt guild EBHQ is teaming up with the Karimu Foundation of Santa Cruz to make and send 50 baby quilts for newborns in a remote village in NE Tanzania. Next summer, volunteers will hand deliver these quilts to mothers in this village.  The EBHQ quilts supplement ongoing efforts of the Karimu Foundation, which has built schools and a health clinic, and brought safe drinking water to the village. Currently, a local women’s group in the village is working with Karimu to reduce infant mortality rates.  The quilts will symbolize and strengthen this partnership, a helping sisterhood that wraps around the globe.

One thought on “Bacho Baby Quilt

  1. Priscilla, what a sweet thing to do for a little one you don’t even know. It’s nice to think that it may make a huge difference in someone’s life. I especially like the way you photographed the quilt.

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